4 Benefits Of Using A Billing Service For Antibiotic Infusion Therapy

Antibiotic infusion therapy is an increasingly popular way to provide patients with the medications they need. Rather than forcing patients into a hospital stay or nursing facility, infusion therapy makes it possible to administer antibiotic treatments at home intravenously. But while this system brings many benefits, it also leads to new challenges, particularly when it comes to billing. These are four reasons why your facility should consider using a billing service to expand your home care options.

Decreasing Patient Exposure

Between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and antibiotic resistance crisis, healthcare facilities are not always the best environment for vulnerable patients. Even the most hygienic of medical centers can't protect their patients from every danger. Whenever patients are able to receive the care they need at home, facilities reduce their exposure to potentially deadly viruses and bacteria. This in turn leads to fewer complications, shorter recovery times, and safer staff as well.  

Improving Patient Outcomes

Almost no one enjoys a long stay in the hospital or a nursing facility. Besides being expensive, facility stays remove a patient from their daily routine and loved ones. In most cases, this stress and isolation have a negative effect on patient outcomes. One 2013 study, for example, found that home health care patients had better outcomes and quality of life overall. Furthermore, administering antibiotics intravenously not only ensures a steadier dosage, but can also avoid unpleasant side effects like stomach irritation.

Navigating Medicare Billing

Among other things, the 2016 21st Century Cures Act expanded funding for home health care under Medicare. This program, specifically the home infusion therapy benefit, widely increased access to treatments like infusion therapy. But as most healthcare workers already know, working with Medicare billing is not always easy. A billing service specializes in working with Medicare and other insurance providers to make claims as seamless and error-free as possible. 

Reducing Workload on Medical Staff

As demand in the healthcare industry continues to rise, managing the workloads of medical staff is critical for employee retention. Too many healthcare workers have already left the field due to stress and burnout. By shifting your billing needs from in-house to a team of specialists, you can not only reduce costs but focus your facility's resources where it counts. 

The world of medical care is always changing, but your facility doesn't need to fall behind. The benefits of home care for both patients and providers are numerous, and the billing challenges it presents don't need to cause your staff headaches. Turn to an antibiotic infusion therapy billing service to learn more.

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