3 Ways a Physician Enrollment Company Can Get Providers Enrolled in Your Insurance Plan

Insurance companies work hard to ensure their policyholders have the most options available when it comes to the doctors that are set up on the insurance plan's network.

Enrolling new physicians can be a challenging and time-consuming process. If you have been tasked with this project, it may be beneficial to partner with a company that specializes in physician enrollment.

Learn more about the ways these companies can get more providers enrolled in your insurance plan in the future.

1. Automated Application Forms

One of the biggest obstacles that insurance companies can face when enrolling new physicians is the amount of paperwork that must be completed to make the enrollment official.

Working with a physician enrollment company allows you to create automated application forms. These forms can be linked with the Coalition of Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) database to automatically populate standard fields.

The CAQH database contains up-to-date information on all physicians. Having the CAQH database populate fields like name, address, certification dates, and specialty areas of practice can really expedite the enrollment process.

2. Eliminate Common Errors

Physician enrollment companies specialize in working to sign doctors up with new insurance providers. Since this is the sole focus of the work completed at physician enrollment companies, partnering with one of these companies can help you eliminate any costly and time-consuming errors that are commonly made during the enrollment process.

Some of the things that come second nature to an enrollment company include verifying NPI numbers, verifying DEA licenses, and checking for a complete malpractice history.

Each of these pieces of information is critical when it comes to the enrollment of new physicians in your insurance plan.

3. Reduce Enrollment Time

Once an application for enrollment has been submitted, a physician must wait until that application is accepted before he or she can begin billing a certain insurance agency for services rendered.

When a physician has multiple patients requesting that he or she accept your insurance plan, being able to minimize enrollment time is critical. Physician enrollment companies are able to produce the necessary documentation and complete a full application quickly and efficiently.

The physicians that your insurance company partners with will experience fewer delays throughout the enrollment process when you let a third-party enrollment company handle each step of the process.

The more physicians you are able to get enrolled in your insurance plan, the more widely-accepted your plan will be. Let a physician enrollment company help you improve the reach of your insurance plans today.

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